Current Series

Tis the Season to

As you ready yourself to enter into another Christmas season, what attitude do you bring with it? Is there excitement, joy, and anticipation? Or is there a sense of dread, sadness, worry, or fear? Advent means “coming” and it gives us an opportunity to focus on Christ’s coming, first as a baby born in Bethlehem, but also reflecting on the promise that Christ will one day return.

All I want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? Depending on the season of life, people can answer this question very differently. Now, what about this question... “What do you NEED for Christmas?” Different answer probably. Our wants are often very different from our needs. Wants can actually even blind us to our true needs. 


Throughout the Scriptures, we see the principle of “Firsts”. In this series, we are challenged to search our hearts to discern that really holds first place.

It's Time for a Check-Up

Anger, rage, bitterness, fear, anxiety, grief, and a host of other emotional health issues have increased to levels that have people shaking their heads in confusion. In this series titled It's Time for a Check-Up, we are taking time to do some evaluation and understand how the good news of the Gospel can break through to bring healing. 

At the Musicals - Oakville

In this series, our focus is on movie musicals - five of them to be exact. At the Musicals will highlight The Greatest Showman, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and Les Miserable. See you At the Movies!

End Times

Are we actually living in the last days? Are there signs we should look for? How do I know if I’m ready? Who or what is the anti-Christ? The rapture? The millennium? Why does evil seem to be growing all around me?” This message series takes a deeper dive into biblical texts that help answer these questions.

Joining Jesus

God wants His people to truly become “laborers in God’s vineyard”. This five-week message series will focus on Greg Finke’s book Joining Jesus on His Mission, which will introduce the practices (or rhythms) of Joining Jesus on His Mission.


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