Current Series

Big Questions

It’s no surprise that Jesus used lots of questions to teach his disciples - and us! What questions do you have for God? What questions are people asking today? Are we prepared to answer? How can we answer those questions with discernment and truth, and without judgment? Some guest panels will help us with some tough topics like religion, Christianity, heaven, and spirituality, and discuss topics like stress, why life is hard, and the Christian view of sexuality. The goal is truly to help us be prepared to share the hope we have in Christ and be ready to explain this hope with gentleness and respect. 

Night of Prayer & Praise

Get ready for Christmas with a night of prayer, praise, and preparation including music and scripture.

Angel Encounters

What do we know about angels? Are they roaming among us today? The angels were busy leading up to, during, and even after the birth of Christ. Angels appear to always come with a message, usually meant for one person or a specific group of people.


How often have you been put in a situation or circumstance where you truly were desperate for God to provide? You couldn’t pay the next bill, you didn’t have enough money to feed your family, your health was on the edge of critical, or you simply needed a job. Simply put, you needed God to provide.

Celebration Sunday

The Apostle Paul shares a prayer for believers (that’s you and me) that promises “power through His Spirit in your inner being in order for us to be rooted in and grounded in love.” What is this power and how can we experience it?


Need a restart, a jumpstart, or maybe a new start? This message is for you! If you have been feeling “stuck” in your relationship with God, isolated from people for too long,  or needing to be inspired by the fact that God is still moving in our midst, then these messages will apply to you.


We have reached the book of Revelation in our daily Bible reading! Let’s just admit it - Revelation is a very strange book. It’s full of angels and demons, lions and lambs, horses and dragons, ghouls, ghosts, and beasts. It’s a letter that reads more like a live drama that Jesus puts on for John during his time of worship.

General Epistles

The eight books of the Bible from Hebrews through Jude are often called the “General Epistles”; and in many ways, they are like the thirteen letters written by Paul. However, Paul tended to write his letters to a specific church or person; whereas the General Epistles are usually written to broad groups of churches or are not specifically addressed at all.

Good Friday - Hiding - A Holy Week Reflection

Welcome to Hiding: A Holy Week Reflection Tenebrae worship. The term “Tenebrae” is Latin for “darkness.” Tonight we will reflect back on the Holy Week events through the eyes of a few disciples between Good Friday and Easter.

Palm Sunday 2022

Today is Palm Sunday. While this was an incredibly joyful occasion, it was also the day families would be selecting their lamb to be slaughtered for the Passover. Unbeknownst to people, the Father in heaven was revealing His selected “Lamb” of God who would take away the sin of the world. What benefits and blessings there are from this blood that was shared!

Paul's letters

The 13 books of the Bible from Romans to Philemon are written by a first-century Christian missionary named Paul. These “books” are actually first-century letters and are often called “The Pauline Epistles.”


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