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Miracles Matter

Biblical miracles hold profound significance in the life of Jesus. In the context of His life, miracles served as both signs and wonders, pointing to a deeper truth about the Kingdom of God and inviting individuals to believe in a reality beyond the visible. Through miracles, Jesus revealed His authority over nature, sickness, and even death.

Next Steps

What would the Church of Jesus Christ at Faith Oakville look like if the Holy Spirit truly renewed and revived us? What would taking the 'Next Step' look like? During this six-week series, we will attempt to paint a biblical picture of a church that is taking the 'Next Step' to trust in God above all things.

Tis the Season to

As you ready yourself to enter into another Christmas season, what attitude do you bring with it? Is there excitement, joy, and anticipation? Or is there a sense of dread, sadness, worry, or fear? Advent means “coming” and it gives us an opportunity to focus on Christ’s coming, first as a baby born in Bethlehem, but also reflecting on the promise that Christ will one day return.

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