Connecting Students to Jesus


At Faith, we seek to connect 6th - 12th grade students to the extraordinary life found in Jesus, by showing them what it means to be disciples of Jesus who makes disciples wherever they live, work, learn, and play.

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Every other Sunday from 6 - 8 pm, 6th - 12th grade students can join us in the Hangar for the Landing. While together, we will play games, hang out with friends, worship our God, and hear a message that is relevant to the lives of students today.
Come check it out and bring a friend! 

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Student Life Groups are small groups of students living out the Gospel together led by dedicated adults who care about them. Leaders want to see them connected to the extraordinary life found in Jesus, becoming students that get the life, experience it, and give it away. Groups meet regularly to grow in faith as disciples and as friends and will have opportunities to serve throughout the year. Student Life Groups are formed by age and gender. The groups decide when to meet, but usually every other week.






Retreats are intentional time away to focus on growing relationships with God and connecting with peers. They are scheduled in a way that allows time for students to pause and reflect on their God-given identity.





To be on mission is to be sent. Mission trips provide opportunities for students to be challenged to live out their faith, serve others, be a part of a community, and share their story.

Student Discipleship Pathway

Student Milestones


This class is for 6th grade and above, and is required prior to taking communion, and instructs students on baptism and the Lord’s Supper. At this class, each student will be presented with a catechism to use in conversation with their parents.


Rooted for students is a step along the discipleship pathway that parallels the adult version of Rooted. This is required to be included as a communicant member at Faith Oakville and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This journey provides the opportunity to become rooted in Christ through faithful experiences and community. In addition to three readings per week, students will have a weekly challenge, a verbal testimony, and a way to encourage conversations about faith at home. Topics include:
• The Christian Narrative
• Prayer
• Worldly worries
• Personal temptations
• Serving
• Spiritual gifts
• Stewardship
• Sharing your story
• The Church


This is a seven-week class grounding students in faithful beliefs of Lutheran doctrine, with weekly online preparation, a written testimony, and in-person discussion. Grounded is required to be included as a communicant member at Faith Oakville and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Topics include:
• Introduction
• Ten Commandments
• The Creed(s)
• The Lord’s Prayer
• Sacraments (“means of grace”): Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
• The Christian Life (to include confession and absolution)
• What about... (Cultural conversations)


During their senior year, students are encouraged to identify one mentor with whom they can meet regularly and feel comfortable sharing. The intent is that this person is a resource for them as they transition into adulthood and life beyond high school.


The graduates receive a blessing in church and are presented with a resource to help as they transition to life beyond high school.


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