Current Series

Sep 04, 2016

The Deadly Truth

Aging and death are not fun things to think about, but the truth is...

Aug 28, 2016

Live Life … Boldly

Live life! Have you ever heard that before? Jesus' s desire was for His...

Aug 21, 2016

When Fools Lead

Let's state the obvious: Our country is in desperate need of gifted...

Aug 14, 2016


There are many sources of joy in this world, and we should enjoy them...

Aug 07, 2016


We all have power… and power is not bad depending on how it is used...

Jul 17, 2016


How we handle our money is all about our desires. In the world’s...

Jul 10, 2016


We were not created to be independent, and as a result community...

Jul 03, 2016

The Evil of Envy

Do you struggle with envy? To admit that you envy a neighbor...

Jun 26, 2016

Longing for Justice

These last couple weeks we have been inundated with news stories that...

Jun 19, 2016


There is a time to ______. You fill in the blank. You can fill it in...


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