Current Series

Miracles Matter

Biblical miracles hold profound significance in the life of Jesus. In the context of His life, miracles served as both signs and wonders, pointing to a deeper truth about the Kingdom of God and inviting individuals to believe in a reality beyond the visible. Through miracles, Jesus revealed His authority over nature, sickness, and even death. On Sundays and Wednesdays during Lent, we focus on Christ’s power over nature, Satan, and sickness. 

God’s New Blessing or Man’s New Idol?

How we live out our lives either worships God, something or someone else, or even ourselves. When God is worshipped, He is glorified, and it is for our good. When we put ourselves or something else first instead of God, God isn't glorified, and it is to our harm.

Ash Wednesday 2023

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which originated in the early Christian Church. As a sign of repentance, Christians would sprinkle ashes on his or her head. In the Bible, ashes were always associated with humility and mortality, fasting and remorse.

The Story

The story of God and His people. The Story is a book that tells the grandest, most compelling story of all time. It sweeps you into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events, allowing the teachings of the Bible to read like a novel.

New Years Day 2023

When we look around at the culture we live in, we see a lot of anger and polarization. How can the truth of the Gospel break into a culture that casts so much doubt on any claim to truth? How can the Gospel transform our own lives as we are bombarded with these messages from culture?

Christmas Day - 2022

Merry Christmas! Happy birthday to Jesus! It’s safe to say that on Christmas we want to hear “good news of great joy” and experience a “silent night.” Of course, there’s “joy to the world” because the Lord has come! But… there is a darker side of Christmas.

Christmas Eve - 2022

Merry Christmas! Let’s celebrate The Story of our Savior's birth! This year, we’re featuring video, song, candlelight, and music including a string quartet. 

Night of Prayer & Praise

Get ready for Christmas with a night of prayer, praise, and preparation including music and scripture.


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